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Do you deliver to Le Chable/Bruson?

For now our delivery is limited to Verbier and Verbier Village, but we will look into delivery to other areas in the future.

Can we pay in cash?

It is better if you order and pay online so we can make sure you can have the choices you want. If you do need something last minute it will be limited to what we have in stock and you will need to arrange collection from HQ.

When will we receive the order?

We will deliver around lunchtime on Saturdays and Tuesdays, or on Friday evening around 18.00. Exact timings may vary due to accessibility.

Can I make special requests for allergies and food intolerances?

If you have an allergy or food intolerance, please let us know at the time you place the order and we will do our best to accommodate them.  If there are any problems, we will contact you to discuss.

Can I collect my order?

Yes! We have a collection option (no charge) from our premises in Verbier in the checkout process.

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